Who's Cumming?

RDR 2017 Registration list as at May 8th, 2017

N.B. - Haberdashery was limited to those who had registered by April 24th...just sayin'...

1Porta PartyEH3 Yes
2Bang My TitsEH3 Yes
3Wine RackEH3 Yes
4Cherry PoppinsEH3 Perhaps
5Restricted EntryEH3 Other
6Bare WoodyEH3 Other
7Ass WipeEH3 Other
8Boobie TrapEH3 Other
9JordanEH3 Yes
10Foul MouthEH3 Yes
11BlowHolEEH3 Other
12Pleasure ChestRDH3 Other
13Screaming Wet HoleEH3 Other
14Finger FoodEH3 Other
15Free WoodyEH3 Yes
16Gobble MeEH3 Yes
17Granny PantiesCalgary H3 Yes
18Lying Sack of ShitCalgary H3 Yes
19White BallsCalgary H3 Yes/No/Perhaps/Other/None of the above
20Going Down EasyEH3 Yes
21Butt FlossEH3 Yes
22Eat OutEH3 None of the above
23Summer SlutEH3 Yes
24RubbermadeEH3 Yes
25High RollerEH3 Yes
26Dame EdnaEH3 Yes
27Strip FreezeEH3 Yes
28Touch MeEH3 Yes
29Tight LipsEH3 Yes
30Happy BeaverEH3 Perhaps
31Locked BoxEH3 Perhaps
32BABEEH3 Other
33Bump N GrindEH3 Other
34Cumming BirdEH3 Other
35Cums Hard and FastEH3 Other
36Glitter BoxEH3 Other
37Lap QuestEH3 Other
38Long On InEH3 Other
39Mr PeeeeenutEH3 Other
40My SkorotumEH3 Other
41Pulling up the RearEH3 Other
42Scratch N SniffEH3 Other
43Silent But DeadlyEH3 Other
44Sticky FingersEH3 Other
45Pelvic ThrustEH3 Yes/No/Perhaps/Other/None of the above
46Hot CheeksCH3 Perhaps
47Cum HonourRDH3 Other
48Wet SpotRDH3 Yes
49Slippery Down UnderEH3 Yes
50Sir My Cocks AfallenVictoria H3 Other
51Rumple ForeskinEH3, if they will still have me :P Yes/Perhaps/Other
52Botched LobotomyEH3 Yes
53Nasty HabitEH3 Yes/Perhaps/Other
54Massage A TwatEH3 Perhaps
55Shiny PooperEH3 Yes
56French TicklerEH3 Yes
57Chapped LipsEH3 None of the above
58Wee DribbleEH3 Yes
59Idiot SavantEH3 None of the above
60CopsuckerEH3 Other
61Demon SeedEH3 Other
62Free RideEH3 Other
63Problem ChildEH3 Other
64Shove It InEH3 Other
65Small BushEH3 Other
66Tie Me UpEH3 Other
67VSTEH3 Other
68Call GirlEH3 Other
69Crack FillerEH3 Other
70Too DeepEH3 Other
71Big RubberEH3 Other
72Quick Draw McBraEH3 Other
73Leggs BenedickedEH3 Yes
74Inspect Her GadgetEH3 Yes
75pootangEH3 None of the above
76DastardlyCH3 Yes
77Thunder TitsCH3 Yes
78Lucky StiffCloudsdale H3 Rainbow dash is clearly the most Clopable pony
79Flipper the BirdEH3 Yes
80Concealed weaponEH3 Yes
81Dick TracyEH3 Yes
82Bag SnatcherEH3 Yes
83Fancy LickerEH3 Yes
84Boobs GaloreEH3 Yes
85Lick'Er BoxEH3 Yes
86Cock a TroisEH3 Yes
87Phone SaxEH3 Yes
88Dr. DiddleEH3 Yes/No/Other
89Fallen AngelEH3 Yes/No/Perhaps/All of the above
90Horse's ArseEH3 Perhaps/Other
91Bum DealEH3 Yes/No/Perhaps/Other
92Sir Cums A LotRH3 Yes
93Hymen TroubleRH3 Yes
94Head MistressRH3 Yes
95Shrinky DinkRH3 Yes
96Butt SnifferEH3 Yes
97Mammary LapseEH3 Other
98No ReservationsEH3 Other
99Just ChrisEH3 Other
100Big Black SackEH3 Other
101BubbaliciousEH3 Other
102Sperm BankEH3 Other
103Webster's DickEH3 Other
104Nine and a quarterEH3 Other
105Double HeaderEH3 Other
106Bald PussyEH3 Other
107Penis EnvyFormer EH3 Yes
108Rekt-analRDH3 Yes
109Just Kasandra
110Blue BallsRDH3 Perhaps
111Shit PickerEH3 Yes
112Ginger JailbaitSaintly H3 Yes/No/Perhaps
113RoooadhouseSaintly H3 Yes
114Crash Test RummyRDH3 Yes
115Squeeze BoxEH3 Yes/Perhaps
116Krapper JohnEH3 Yes/Perhaps

If you have registered but your name does not appear on this list,
it is probably because you were too lazy to register on-line and made the poor, poor Registrar's process your registration manually. If you would like your name to appear on this list, simply register again on-line.....No they won't make you pay twice.......on-on

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